This is a non-public page that is intended to be a repository for examples of existing data distribution web pages.  It is my hope that this page will allow us to review various existing pages and identify/discuss features from these pages that we might like to see incorporated into our GLADS data distribution page.  This list will be growing over time, so if you have examples of other websites that you would like to include on this list, please forward those to me.  We are not likely to find a given site that meets our needs exactly, but this list is meant to spark innovative ideas that might incorporate useful elements from a number of different sites.

US EPA National Emissions Inventory (Select 2014 NEI Data and then the Data Queries tab)

UW Center for Climate Research Dynamical Downscaling for Midwest (Nataro data)

USGS CMIP5 Global Change Viewer (Data download not working, but focus on design)

National Center for Environmental Information (Local Climatological Data)

Midwest Regional Climate Center (Climate Extremes: Site Records and Normals – BETA)

National Center for Atmospheric Research “Research Data Arhcive”

NOTE: I have also created a Google Doc (here) on which people can leave their comments/concerns about these various pages.  At the appropriate time, we can sit down and pull all of these ideas together for a larger, more formal discussion.