PICASSO Scholars

2018 PICASSO Scholars (left to right): Parker Trombley (University of Michigan), Kristin Brady (Whitman College), Jenna Robinson (Arizona State University), Timothy Keebler (Millersville University), Steven Reybould (Illinois Wesleyan University), Chaveli Miles (Colgate University), Sydni Voakes (Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College), and Sam Laveson (College of William and Mary).    

2018 PICASSO Projects

Kristin Brady (Mentor: Dr. Jim Raines): Solar Wind Effects on Ion Temperature and Density in Mercury’s Central Plasma Sheet

Timothy Keebler (Mentor: Dr. Michael Liemohn): Ring Current Density Error Analysis Using Curlometry

Sam Laveson (Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Bassis): Rift Propagation in the Amery Ice Shelf

Chaveli Miles (Mentor: Dr. Eric Kort): Evaluation of Urban Methane Emissions along the Eastern United States

Steven Reybould (Mentor: Dr. Brian Gilchrist): Miniature Tether Electrodynamics Experiment (MiTEE)

Jenna Robinson (Mentor: Stephen Bougher): Model Characterization of the Nightside Martian Atmosphere

Parker Trombley (Mentor: Dr. Mark Moldwin): Creation of a low-cost magnetometer circuit for ground-based applications

Sydni Voakes (Mentor: Dr. Frank Marsik): Assessment of stormwater runoff on Tribal lands

2019 PICASSO Scholars (Front row, left to right): Olivia VanBuskirk (Central Michigan University), Karisa Zdanky (Wellesley College), Quan Usher (University of Michigan) and Joseph Parton (University of Louisiana – Monroe); (Back row, left to right): Andrew Elliott (University of Michigan), Emily Mazan (Valparaiso University), Osvaldo Salinas (San Jacinto Community College) and Bryttani Wooten (Pennsylvania State University)  

2019 PICASSO Projects

Andrew Elliott (Mentor: Dr. Mark Moldwin): Cost and Accuracy of Educational Magnetometers

Emily Mazan (Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Bassis): The Role of Buoyancy in Controlling Glacier Calving

Joseph Parton (Mentor: Dr. Frank Marsik): Relation Between Cold Pool Areal Extent and Great Lakes Ice Coverage

Osvaldo Salinas (Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Bassis): Ice Sheet Convection on Icy Moons

Quan Usher (Mentor: Dr. Brian Gilchrist): MiTEE-II CubeSat and Electrodynamic Tethers

Olivia VanBuskirk (Mentor: Dr. Allison Steiner): Analysis of Vegetation Water Content in Temperate and Boreal Forests

Bryttani Wooten (Mentor: Dr. Angel Adames-Corraliza): The Relationship Between Water Vapor and ENSO Precipitation

Karisa Zdanky (Mentor: Dr. Susan Lepri): Studying He Ions in Solar Wind

2020 PICASSO Scholars (Top row, left to right): Julian Arnheim (Cornell University), Dr. Frank Marsik (Site Director, University of Michigan), Diego Rios (University of Colorado – Boulder); (Middle row, left to right): Victor Villegas (California State University – Los Angeles), Alexandra Specht (Swarthmore College), Jenna Syposs (State University of New York – Geneseo); (Bottom row, left to right): Braeden Winters (Iowa State University), Andrea Rivera Palma (InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico – Bayamón).

2020 PICASSO Projects

Andrea I. Rivera Palma (Mentor: Dr. Xianzhe Jia): Solar Wind Propagation for Planetary Space Weather Research (PICASSO_poster_Palma)

Julian B. Arnheim (Mentor: Dr. Mark G. Flanner): Verifying Snow Spectral Albedo from the Snow, Ice, and Aerosol Radiation (SNICARv3) Model (PICASSO_Poster_Arnheim)

Jenna Syposs (Mentor: Dr. Michael Liemohn): Cassini Data Analysis and Drift-Physics Modeling of Energetic Plasma Events in Saturn’s Magnetosphere (PICASSO_poster_Syposs)

Braeden N. Winters (Mentor: Dr. Perry J. Samson): Observation of COVID-19’s Impact on PM2.5 Concentration as a Result of Independence Day Fireworks (PICASSO_poster_Winters)

Alexandra Specht (Mentor: Dr. Ashley Payne): Analysis of extreme precipitation conditions near the Wilkes and Adelie Lands in Antarctica (PICASSO_poster_Specht)

Victor Villegas (Mentor: Dr. Shasha Zou): Ground magnetic perturbations associated with Sawtooth Aurora (PICASSO_poster_Villegas)

Diego M. Rios (Mentor: Dr. Mark M. Moldwin): Using Smartphone Sensors for Virtual Labs during COVID-19 Era (PICASSO_poster_Rios)

2021 PICASSO Scholars:  Top Row (l to r): Brian Rakoczy (Central Michigan University), Chynna Spitler (Wright State University), Nazarii Kifor (University of Michigan), Dior Gillins (SUNY- University of Buffalo); Bottom Row (l to r): Tanner May (Centre College), Gabrielle Brown (Northern Vermont University – Lyndon), Macarena Peralta (University of Michigan), Cristian Gonzalez-Hernandez (University of North Carolina – Charlotte)   

2021 PICASSO Projects

Brian Rakoczy (Mentor: Dr. Allison Steiner): Analysis of 2000-2020 tropospheric ozone concentrations in Michigan

Chynna Spitler (Mentor: Dr. Mark Moldwin): High Latitude Signatures of SI and SSC Events

Nazarii Kifor (Mentor: Dr. Cheng Li): Using Radial Occultation to Generate Mars Atmosphere Profiles

Dior Gillins (Mentor: Dr. Jim Raines): Suprathermal Ion Composition of Earth’s Magnetosphere

Tanner May (Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Bassis): Creating a New Model for Estimating Glacial Thickness

Gabrielle Brown (Mentor: Dr. Frank Marsik): The Impact of Climatological Base Periods on the Communication of Climate Trends

Macarena Peralta (Mentor: Dr. Aaron Ridley): Auroral Ionization for Upper Atmospheric Modeling

Cristian Gonzalez-Hernandez (Mentor: Dr. Ashley Payne): An Analysis of Atmospheric River Evolution and Moisture Region Source in the Eastern US